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Why is there a gap in the tilt mechanism of my WH-200 Wimberley head?

It is normal to have what appears to be a shallow gap between the arm and the friction washer, even when the tilt knob is tight. If you lock down the head and hold it up to the light you will see that the gap only applies to the outer perimeter of the arm’s mating flange. Most of the surface between the arm flange and upright flange are in contact when the head is tightened. The reason for the gap is that he arm is composed of 2 pieces: the outer piece that is visible when the head is assembled, and a precisely machined component that serves as the shaft and locking flange for the tilt bearing. It is important that this precision piece, rather than the visible piece mates with the flange on the upright casting. The small gap mentioned above ensures that this is the case.

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 3:10 pm