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Why is a lens plate not included with my gimbal head?

Wimberley Gimbal tripod heads are designed to allow your lens/camera combination to balance around its center of gravity, allowing it to move with the touch of a finger and stay positioned where placed without tightening the tilt axis mechanism. To achieve this balance, the lens plate used must have enough length to allow the user to move the lens/camera combination forward and backward within the quick-release clamp on the Head to find the optimal balance point. This optimal balance point is different for each make and model of lens, and changes when different camera bodies are used, and when tele-converters or other accessories, such as a flash bracket, are added to the mix.

In our lens recommendation chart, we try to suggest a plate that will work for all scenarios, but this is not always possible. The balance point of the lens/camera combination is affected by the weight of the camera body and other accessories attached to the lens and each set up is different.

The plates that we recommend should be long enough to:

1.) properly balance the lens when using our gimbal heads, and

2.) allow room to attach a flash bracket to the plate. In some cases, this means that the plate is significantly longer than the foot of the lens.


NOTE: Other manufacturer's plates may not be long enough or dimensionally compatible in order to properly balance your setup. Check the length of the recommended plate in our charts for comparison.

Posted on June 2, 2015 at 6:40 pm