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Removing a Wimberley Head from a Tripod

When Your Wimberley Head is Stuck to Your Tripod
Important Note: Do not unscrew or remove any of the screws in the top of the panning base. These screws hold the unit together and have nothing to do with mounting the Head to a tripod or other support mount.

On occasion, a customer reports that their Wimberley head has become stuck to their tripod. This is most often the case when the Wimberley head has been attached to the tripod for many months. Removing the Wimberley head should be relatively easy, and we have found that it is very unlikely that there is a mechanical problem with the threaded part of the bottom of the tripod.

The following procedures can be used to remove the Wimberley head:

- First check that the tripod platform set screw is loosened, (if there is one).
- Make sure that you have been turning the tripod head in the right direction. The standard method of removing the Wimberley Head Version II from a tripod is to tighten the pan base locking knob and unscrew the Head counterclockwise. If your Head is mounted to a leveling base, make sure the tightening lever on the leveling base is released or you will not be able to remove the Head.

If the normal method for removing the head fails, follow the following steps:


- The Leverage Hole in the Pan Base of WH-200:
To assist you in removing the Head if the normal method of removal does not work, we have incorporated a small non-threaded hole on the side of the pan base so that you can use leverage to remove a tightly mounted Head. If it is difficult to remove using the standard method, insert a leverage tool into the hole and push the tool away from you, horizontally with the palm of your hand, in a counterclockwise direction, while turning the main body of the unit also counterclockwise. This hole was made to accommodate a 5/32" hex key. Any similar sized item can be used. There is no mechanism inside the leverage hole, and nothing to turn by rotating a hex key around its axis. The hole is simply there to provide a place to insert a leverage device.

- It is often useful to remove the platform or center column from the tripod. Once the platform or center column has been removed, you can hold the Wimberley head and lightly tap downward on the tripod platform surrounding the base of the Wimberley head or lightly tap the edge of the platform with a wooden or rubber mallet to create some vibration. The vibration will often loosen the bond between the bottom of the Wimberley head and the top of the tripod.

- Another thing you may want to try is to spray some penetrating oil around the area where the panning spool bottom contacts the tripod platform. Allow the penetrating oil to soak in (the longer, the better). The Head should now be easier to remove.
- You can also use all of the techniques above.

Once you have separated the Wimberley head from the tripod you may want to wax the bottom of the Wimberley head lightly with paste wax or a little clear shoe polish, to reduce the probability that this problem will occur again, but this is generally not necessary.

(Technique for WH-100 & 101 only)
- If you are forced to use a mechanical device on the head, we recommend that you wrap the base of the Wimberley 101 head with several layers of protective tape, such as masking tape or medical adhesive tape. The best tools for turning the Wimberley head are water pump pliers or special Vice-Grip pliers designed for large objects. Do not use a pipe wrench.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if these methods are not effective in allowing you to remove your Wimberley Head Version II (WH-200) from your tripod or monopod mounting plate.

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm