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C-12 vs. C-30 – Quick-Release Clamp

C-12 and C-30 Quick Release Clamps

The C-30 quick-release clamp was originally designed to be mounted on the lens platform of the classic WH-100 Wimberley Head.  All of our clamps use the Arca-Swiss system for our line of products.  The C-30 was designed to fit the geometry of the large support platform and to securely clamp the heavy telephoto lenses that were produced in the 1990’s.  As the quick-release technology became popular, the clamp quickly became a standard component of the classic Wimberley Head WH-101.

A smaller, 2.5 inch long quick-release clamp was developed a bit later as a more versatile, QR clamp. It offered the same mechanical advantage as that of the C-30 without the bulk and heavier weight. The C-12 clamp is widely popular and ideal for use on monopods, ground pods, and to retrofit non-Arca style ball heads. Our clamps were designed to be used with a wide array of plates with the Arca-Swiss geometry. 

The C-12 clamp is an improved version of our original C-10 standard clamp for use with ball heads. Since it has the same mechanical advantage as the larger C-30, it can handle small and large lenses alike. The C-12 clamp was designed to retrofit a wider variety of ball heads and converting from a non-Arca-Swiss to the Arca-Swiss system easier. Refer to our compatibility chart on our website for ball head retrofit.

The C-30 clamp would have the same issue as the discontinued C-10 clamp with respect to mounting on ball heads. We feel the C-12 has sufficient clamping strength for most of the applications our customers may encounter. Here’s a comparison guide:

FeatureC-12 clamp C-30 clamp
Retail PriceUS $79US $100
Set screws included (anti-twist)30
Center hole typeThreadedThreaded
Center hole size3/8”-163/8”-16
Fits ball head stem with raised bosses (anti-twist)YesNo
Fits 3/8-16” stud on monopod, tripod, ground or window podYesYes
Made for attachment to old-style Wimberley Head (model WH-100)NoYes
Fits ¼”-20 stud on ball head QR plate, monopod, tripod, ground or window podYes, with BS-100 bushingYes, with BS-100 bushing
Safety stop screw groovesYesYes
Included hardwareBS-100 brass bushing, hex key, Mounting hardware for installation on WH-100 (&WH-101) lens support platform

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 3:18 pm