Wimberley FAQs and Support Topics

MH-100 – The Wimberley MonoGimbal Head

LL-PP-206 – 1/2″ Loc-Line Magnetic Fixed Mount

LL-PP-204-T – Loc-Line Fixed Mount

LL-PP-204-1420 – 1/2″ Loc-Line Fixed Mount

LL-PP-203 – 1/2″ to 1/4″ Loc-Line Adapter

KB-SS-041 – M4 Replacement Knob

AP-7 Universal Cold Shoe Adapter

M-8 Perpendicular Plate Uses

SW-100 Extra Screw for Lens Plates

Quick Flip Bracket

P-50 Lens Plate

P-40 Lens Plate

P-30 Lens Plate

P-20 Lens Plate

P-10 Lens Plate

P-5 Camera Body Plate

M-9 Wimberley Head Version II Module

M-8 Perpendicular Plate

M-7 Flash Flipper

M-6 Extension Post