Wimberley FAQs and Support Topics

SP-WH-001 – Replacment WH-200 Platform

SW-AP312 – Replacement Foot Mounting Screw

SW-AP412 – Replacement Foot Mounting Screw

SW-AP414 – Replacement Foot Mounting Screw

SW-SK100 – Sidekick Stop Screw

SW-STOP-2S – Short Extra Stop Screw – Pkg of 2

SW-STOP-2 – Extra Stop Screw – Pkg of 2

SW-105 Extra Screw for P-5 Camera Body Plate

SS-100 Spotting Scope Screw

RB-100 Riser Block

PP-320 Plamp Extension Tube

PP-310 Plamp Ground Spike

PP-300 – Plamp Stake

PP-400 Ground Plamp

PP-210 Extension Rod

PP-211-1420 – Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip with 1/4-20 Socket

PP-220 – Plamp II Clamp

PP-211 Plamp II Thumb Screw Clip

PO-100 – WH-200 Head Pouch

PO-130 – Wimberley MonoGimbal Pouch