Wimberley FAQs and Support Topics

Video – The Plamp Stake

Video – The Plamp II

Video – C-12 Clamp Features and Compatibility

Position of Flash Unit Mounted to Wimberley Head

M-8 Perpendicular Plate Uses

Why is a lens plate not included with my gimbal head?

How to Determine the Best Lens Plate

C-12 vs. C-30 – Quick-Release Clamp

Why is there a gap in the tilt mechanism of my WH-200 Wimberley head?

Ball Head Recommendations for Sidekick

PP-110 Extension for the older, original Plamp

How Much Weight Will the Plamp II Hold? Or Using Reflectors and Diffusers.

Review – Wimberley Head II John Harrington at the Presidential Inauguration 2013

Review – Wimberley Head II Ryan Vince

Review – Using the Sidekick with the Markins lever-style clamp

Protected: Dealer Order Form

Protected: Dealer Price List

Protected: Dealer Pre-payment and Electronic Funds Transfer Information

Review from Andrew McLachlan of Wimberley P-5 Universal Camera Body Plate

Video – F-9 Advanced Uses